Ministry Vision

We want to intentionally plant reproducible churches in Bamako city for transforming Malians and beyond through the power of Christ Jesus.

Current Ministry

SIM entered Mali in 2010 in the management position for the Avant Ministries guesthouse in the capital city of Bamako. Since SIM’s primary focus as a new entity in Mali is research in an effort to lay a firm foundation for the future ministry of SIM in Mali; this afforded personnel the opportunity not only to get to know the mission community working in various regions of the country but Malian church leaders and others as well.

Presently SIM work in Mali centers on evangelism, discipleship, literacy, cultivating relationships, city ministry, children/teen ministry and research in the target areas of Niamana, Moutougoula , Senou and Cite El Farako. These works are in the developmental stage and more workers are needed. The SIM sponsored project, Pastors Book Set, provides resource material to pastors and church leaders, helped to build solid relationships with various existing denominations and brought SIM into the public eye nationwide.

Currently given the fact that the majority of the population are city dwellers; SIM Mali is in a strategic position is to reach the inhabitants of Bamako city by evangelizing, strengthening, encouraging, equipping and mobilizing Malian believers to take the Gospel to their unreached families, relatives and friends.

Current ministry in Mali includes:

  • Evangelism and discipleship at Niamana and Senou.
  • Literacy class at Mountougoula.
  • Research efforts focused on the regions of Mali where SIM can begin a work.
  • Maintain Cite El Farako, a work among street children, particularly teenagers.

Points for Prayer

  • Pray for Associate interns: Bible college and seminary students who would like to pursue cultural studies, language learning, and research work.
  • Pray for Associate self-starters focusing on urban ministries in the areas of teaching English as a second language (ESL), literacy, Bible clubs, VBS, sports, discipleship, evangelism, ministry to prostitutes and street children, etc.
  • Pray for Associate medical and dental service providers.
  • Pray for long-term missionaries to provide leadership training, mentoring, coaching, urban church planting, discipleship, evangelism, media and radio programming, HIV and AIDS ministry, teaching English as a second language (ESL), business as mission, and to develop Christian Education curriculum.
  • Pray for prayer walkers in the city and rural areas.