Project Purpose

To construct a Bible school for the Gurage people of southwest Ethiopia.

The Situation

There are approximately 2 million Gurage people in southwest Ethiopia. While only 1 percent of the Gurage population has committed their life to Christ, this number is growing. There are about 200 churches planted in this area, but few resources available for the training of pastors, evangelists and teachers.

The Project

An informal training school has been established in this area. The first year of classes was held this summer in a one-room mud hut with 32 church leaders from all over southwest Ethiopia in attendance. The current building is not suitable to fit our long-term needs. Instead, a two-story building with classrooms, library, study rooms, computer lab, and a conference room is envisaged, which will accommodate 50 students per year. This school will train the leaders needed to lead and guide the Gurage church in the years to come.

Expected Outcomes

Short Range: We will obtain land and construct the school by 2014.

Mid-Range: We will enroll 50 students per year in our Bible school.

Long Range: The Gurage church will be equipped and strengthened by educated leaders.

Impact: Trained leaders will plant churches in new areas, seeing a growth in the Gurage church.