Project Purpose

To equip Paraguayan lay leaders to learn and memorize Bible stories and verses, which ‘can be passed on to others to teach theological truths in evangelism and discipleship situations.

The Situation

Paraguay is still waiting for its first great awakening. While evangelical churches have seen positive growth in urban areas, the vast interior of the country has seen very little church growth and very few foreign missionaries or national workers among Guarani-speaking people. The Guarani value their history and use storytelling to pass on information to the future generation. Guarani-speaking leaders must be trained to reach the isolated communities that comprise this unreached sector of Paraguay with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Project

A series of 74 Bible stories has been written and recorded for use in the local church. We seek to train a core group of 20 leaders who will each find a personal disciple to whom they will transfer these stories. This training gives men an opportunity network with their counterparts from many different churches across the region, teaching and learning from each other and encouraging each other as teachers of the Word. Our aim is to saturate southeastern Paraguay with trained Bible storytellers who are able to engage their neighbors and families in a very natural and effective way. Every three months these men will gather together for three days to learn the next set of seven stories and report how they are doing.

Expected Outcomes

Short Range: We will host several training and discipleship courses each year, each having 20 Paraguayan men in attendance.

Mid-Range: The students will learn Bible stories, Bible verses and sharing techniques, and will be trained in discipleship development.

Long Range: Trained men will be able to share the gospel through memorized Scripture with their families and neighbors, and in turn, train these contacts to share the gospel as well.

Impact: The oral learners of Paraguay will be exposed to Scripture for the first time, and the gospel will spread throughout the rural regions.