Project Purpose

This project will expand the current Kindle (SIM’s ministry partner) campus by constructing a multi-purpose building that will serve as a training facility for orphans and a community center for the local village.

The Situation

Malawi has been hit hard by HIV/AIDS, which accounts for most of the estimated 900,000 orphans in the country. The community with whom we work is very strongly influenced by African traditional religion, witchcraft and ancestor worship. The result of this is a community greatly in need of the light of Christ and one in which there has been very little economic development. Our partner, Kindle , has established a health care facility and encouraged education. Until recent years, there were no active evangelical churches, and ungodly living of immorality and drunkeness was the norm. The light of the gospel is slowly changing attitudes and lifestyles, especially among the young people.

The Project

This project will build a facility at the Kindle campus, which can be used for many purposes. The building will have a large, open-air meeting room that will be used for large training courses and community meetings; and classrooms for vocational training programs, counseling and Bible studies. This building will enhance and expand the many facets of Kindle’s current ministry by maximizing the use of space..

Expected Outcomes

Short Range: The building will be completed within four months.

Mid-Range: The new building will bring the community together for training and spiritual teaching.

Long Range: Orphans will graduate the program with a sustainable vocational skill.

Impact: The community around the Kindle campus will continue to improve spiritually, economically and socially.