Team sports are changing lives with the gospel

Send a young person to sports camp for just $50

At a Sports Friends camp, young people learn about teamwork. Discipline. Honesty. Commitment. Self-control.

And they learn something else too. They hear about Jesus Christ, the one who loved them enough to die for them. Many of these young people come from places where Christianity is unknown or unaccepted. So this is their only opportunity to hear the good news.

Through this unique ministry, thousands of young people around the world have become followers of Jesus. Today you can help change even more lives. With just $50, you can send a young person to camp. And a larger gift will provide that precious experience for even more kids.

A small investment today will change lives for eternity. Please prayerfully consider a generous gift.

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Yes! I want to help send young people to camp where they’ll hear the gospel!

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