Project Purpose

To open an accredited surgical residency program at Galmi Hospital and train West African doctors for Francophone Africa.

The Situation

Historically, Galmi has provided the only consistent surgical coverage for a radius of at least 200 miles. From time to time, there have not been enough trained surgeons to adequately meet the needs of this region. Short-term missionary surgeons can help fill the gap, but a longer-term solution is needed.

The Project

This program will develop Christian surgeons, who have been mentored in surgical technique and discipled in Christian living and service, for Galmi and other needy areas. We have recently been recently accredited by the Pan-African Academy of Christian Surgeons (PAACS) as a PAACS teaching hospital. In order to provide this residency program, hospital campus facilities and services require upgrading to meet PAACS standards, including accommodations for staff and students.

Expected Outcomes

Short Range: We will complete the campus construction by the summer of 2013.

Mid-Range: We will accept six resident students for the 2012-2013 school year.

Long Range: Surgical residents will remain on the African continent and return to their hometown to serve the local community.

Impact: The people of West Africa will have access to adequate health care and experience the love of Christ through the medical treatment they receive.