Project Purpose

To construct a student hostel which will provide a safe and positive, supervised Christian environment for rural Beninese students attending university in Calavi.

The Situation

Calavi is situated in southern Benin on the edge of Benin’s largest city and economic capital, Cotonou. It is an area that is developing quickly and has for many years now been the home of the largest university in Benin. Housing accommodation is difficult to find for students from the rural regions as they seek to continue their studies in the city.

The Project

This is to be the first phase of what is envisaged to be a multi-story building, ultimately providing accommodation to over 200 students. UEEB (SIM’s partner church in Benin) is fully staffing the hostel with local ministry volunteers who will disciple and mentor the residents.

Expected Outcomes

Short Range: By 2015, construct 29 ground-floor apartments and a meeting room to accommodate university students.

Mid-Range: We will see Christian and non-Christian university students provided with adequate living conditions and a supportive environment for them to continue their studies and be confronted with the reality of Christ’s love for them.

Long Range: Rural, low-income families will have the opportunity to see their children continue their studies and reach their full potential.

Impact: Students will have the opportunity to grow spiritually while receiving an education, preparing them for ministry wherever they go.