Project Purpose

To train and inspire Christian workers by offering them advice on working with youth as they face challenges in their ministry.

The Situation

Uruguay is the most secularized nation in Latin America with the highest percentage of atheists and agnostics. Amid the prevailing secularism and related apathy toward organized religion, there is a growing spiritual openness that offers increasing opportunities to share Christ.

Traditionally, local churches do not understand the importance of developing children’s workers and youth leaders. The goal for SIM Uruguay is to promote excellence in children’s and youth ministries, missions, and pastoral care in order to build up the local church and encourage cooperation and unity.

The Project

This ministry provides concentrated training for pastors and youth leaders, traveling to the 30 most important cities in Uruguay over the next five years. Materials for pastors, youth leaders, and young people will be distributed on a monthly basis through the ministry’s office. A course called “Fundamentals of a Healthy Youth Ministry” will be offered twice a year. We will hold four large workshops each year that focus on current issues. We will sponsor and organize an interdenominational youth camp for hundreds of kids on the theme of ‘identity in Christ,’ as well as organize a national youth leadership convention. All of these outreaches are done by our team of Uruguayans who have experience in youth ministry.

Expected Outcomes

Short Range: We will develop the training materials that will be used in our courses, workshops and conferences around the country.

Mid-Range: Youth leaders will attend our training sessions and be equipped to reach the youth in their neighborhoods.

Long Range: Uruguayan pastors will become aware of the importance of reaching the younger generations.

Impact: Children and youth will have opportunities to get involved in a group where they can learn about Jesus and what it means to live as a Christian.