Project Purpose

To provide book sets and teach conferences to train, encourage and grow competent, spiritual leaders in the churches of Malawi.

The Situation

Malawi has experienced Christian influence for the last 140 years. There is a plethora of church denominations. Integration of traditional religious practices in community life is still common. Many pastors and elders are impoverished, under-resourced, and poorly trained. Church leadership in many denominations is therefore often ill- equipped to pastor their congregations.

The Project

Following the very successful pastors’ book set conferences of 2008, SIM, together with the Evangelical Association of Malawi, is re-launching the pastors’ book set initiative. Conferences will cover topics of interest to church leaders: missions, traditional religions, ministry to youth and children. A defining mark of the seminars is the inclusion of a selection of related resources of books and tracts in both English and the local Chichewa language.

Expected Outcomes

Short Range: Over 1,000 ministry leaders will be trained at our seminar in 2013 where church leaders will receive training and a book set.

Mid-Range: Church leaders will be better equipped for ministry with a greater understanding of ministry issues, and will possess resources to draw on as they pass on this knowledge to their churches.

Long Range: Churches will be grounded in sound theology and will be teaching the truth from God’s Word.

Impact: There will be growth in churches and a greater maturity of believers.