Project Purpose

To enable SIM North East India to assist missionaries from the emerging North East India region when there is shortfall in support or when they face unusual and unexpected costs.

The Situation

Churches in North East India value the missionaries who brought the gospel to them and are themselves very mission-oriented. Currently, there are more than three thousand missionaries sent out from North East India to the rest of the country. Quite a few missionaries have been sent to other parts of the world from this region. Although these churches have human resources (committed and educated young men and women who want to go as missionaries abroad), spiritual resources (men and women of prayer), as well as limited financial resources (they are prepared to pay the basic salaries of their missionaries), they face difficulties in supporting other monthly and one-time expenses involved in sending out missionaries overseas such as housing, medical costs, language-learning costs, visas and work permits.

The Project

This project aims to cover support shortfalls for 50 to 100 North East Indian missionaries, especially for their one-time and overhead expenses. The assistance will help during the missionaries’ initial three years of service. Typically after three years, these missionaries will be able to establish stable support bases. Experiences in North East India show that once a missionary has gone to the field and sent reports back to supporters, believers become more willing to support that missionary.

Expected Outcomes

Short Range: As missionaries get ready for their field assignment, each missionary’s sending church in North East India will contribute $300 per month. This project fund will match up to $300 per month for the first three years of the missionary’s monthly support.

Mid-Range: North East India will be able to continue sending missionaries into other SIM mission fields.

Long Range: Sending churches in this region will understand the value of investing in the monthly support of their missionaries.

Impact: The project will give a wonderful platform for global partnership in world missions.