Project Purpose

To develop sustainable information solutions for the hundreds of Christian hospitals and thousands of Christian clinics serving in low-resource communities across sub-Saharan Africa.

The Situation

Providing healthcare services offers many opportunities for the African church to practically share the Gospel. However, on a continent that accounts for less than 1 percent of global health spending (World Bank 2006), the majority of Christian institutions struggle to run using makeshift software solutions because the available enterprise options are simply unaffordable in their setting. These Christian hospitals and clinics in sub-Saharan Africa acutely need affordable, high-quality software to manage both their business operations and clinical care.

The Project

To meet this critical need, SIM Kenya is leveraging existing open-source solutions and scaling them well beyond their current features and functions into a comprehensive Health Management Information System (HMIS) tailored to the unique needs of African hospitals. One SIM programmer is heading up the project, working alongside three Kenyan programmers and one other SIM programmer, in partnership with a US-based team.

The first version of the software is currently in use at the Africa Inland Church’s Marira and Nairobi Clinics and has markedly improved both the sustainability and quality of their patient care since adoption in 2015. Resource availability at AIC Marira improved by 25% in 2015 through reduced inventory costs while also eliminating the need for patients to “come back another day” to get medicines that were out of stock. In 2016 we also helped a 126-bed Christian teaching hospital in northern Kenya install the initial version of our software, replacing time-intensive and error-prone paper records.

Expected Outcomes

Short-Range: Simplify installation and setup processes in order to accelerate adoption in Christian clinics across Kenya. Planned installation in 3-5 clinics by the end of 2018.

Mid-Range: Continue to develop the software for use in large hospitals. Expected installation in 3 Christian hospitals (with a total of ca. 1,000 beds) in Kenya by the end of 2022. Simultaneously continue to promote adoption of the clinic-level software in the 500 Christian clinics ministering annually to over one million patients in Kenya.

Long-Range: Equip hundreds of church hospitals and thousands of Christian clinics across sub-Saharan with high-quality HMIS. They will have usable research-quality African health data to improve the cost-effectiveness and quality of their compassionate healthcare for those who need it most.

Impact: Within the next decade, this open-source software will be available for easy installation in the estimated 10,000 faith-based clinics and 600 hospitals in sub-Saharan Africa, improving patient care for hundreds of millions of people living on only a few dollars a day.