Project Purpose

To intentionally invest in SIM’s personnel, especially in the areas of ministry and leadership skills.

The Situation

Leadership development is a core job description for the Deputy International Director role.

SIM leaders in Europe and West Africa have requested this specific proven approach to leadership.

The Project

This project will host two retreat weekends (one in West Africa in 2013 and one in Europe in 2016). The retreat curriculum will address leadership development needs in SIM by providing intentional leadership development opportunities that address topics and issues in cross-cultural leadership. Resources will be provided for ongoing mentoring, coaching and leadership modeling through experiential opportunities for upcoming leaders in the mission. The retreats will facilitate cross-cultural leadership development that addresses the heart (character and integrity), the head (knowledge), and the hands (leadership skill).

Expected Outcomes

Short Range: 110 participants from West Africa and Europe will attend the leadership development conferences in 2013 and 2016.

Mid-Range: At these retreats, leadership skills and attitudes will be taught, and fruitful practices will be shared between leaders.

Long Range: As positions and opportunities become available (for example, a project manager) at least four young leaders will participate in leadership apprenticeships, in their country of service or elsewhere.

Impact: The leadership teams in West Africa and Europe will be strengthened and prepared for any changes that happen in the future.