Project Purpose

To strengthen the Latin American church in their mission-sending efforts.

The Situation

Christians from Latin America have been contacting SIM wanting to serve as missionaries, but they do not know how to proceed. Their churches often lack understanding and experience in how to send missionaries for overseas work. There are typically no suitable local sending agencies.

Mobilizing Latin Americans fulfills SIM’s mandate to effectively partner with local churches to fulfill the Great Commission. It also fits into SIM’s priorities to further diversify its membership in response to how God is moving in this age of mission, providing the necessary resources and mechanisms for people to join the mission from any country in Latin America.

The Project

This ministry is training a network of 12 mobilizers throughout Latin America who, under the guidance of a support team made up of Latin America Service Center members, will be on the front lines, teaching churches about missions and how they can be involved. These mobilizers will also be the contact persons for future candidates and for the Latin American Service Center. Project managers will provide training and mentoring, network with other mission agencies, and help local sending offices establish successful sending methods according to the country’s needs.

Expected Outcomes

Short Range: By the end of 2013, we will see a network of mobilizers form in various Latin American countries.

Mid-Range: Local mission agencies will be trained in successful sending methods.

Long Range: Missionaries will be trained and prepared to be sent into the mission field.

Impact: Latin American missionaries will go to foreign countries to preach the gospel and disciple new believers.