Project Purpose

To engage with local partners in an effective, holistic and compassionate response to HIV and AIDS that transforms individuals, families and communities.

The Situation

HIV and AIDS remains a global health crisis of unprecedented proportions. AIDS has already caused an estimated 25 million deaths worldwide and has generated profound demographic changes in the most heavily affected countries. Sub-Saharan Africa is the most affected region, accounting for 67 percent of all people living with HIV and for 75 percent of AIDS deaths in 2007. Africa has 11.6 million children orphaned by AIDS, and people under the age of 25 account for half of all new HIV infections worldwide.

The Project

HOPE for AIDS provides home-based care for AIDS patients, care for orphans and vulnerable children, prevention education, and seed money for income-generating activities in 12 countries across Africa and Asia. The project will provide capacity building, networking and resources. This initiative also enables local churches to respond to the AIDS pandemic within their own communities. Missionaries and indigenous volunteers with HOPE for AIDS seek to exemplify Christ and share the gospel as they develop relationships with people affected by HIV and AIDS, hoping that those who die will first entrust their eternities to Christ, and those who live will do so with new purpose.

Expected Outcomes

Short Range: Current HOPE for AIDS projects will be strengthened and supported, and training for new partnerships will begin.

Mid-Range: There will be an increase in the total number of active HOPE for AIDS projects, partners, and beneficiaries

Long Range: Local partners will be engaged and supported in an effective, holistic and compassionate response to HIV and AIDS that transforms individuals, families and communities

Impact: Those surviving with AIDS will have a greater quality of life made possible by medical care, income-generating activities, and the support of the local church