To provide small interest-free loans to Bolivian pastors and lay workers for the purchase of a very basic home through a revolving fund.

The Situation

Many Bolivian pastors cannot afford to own a home and do not qualify for a normal bank loan. Only 44 percent of pastors in Bolivia own a home, and many of these pastors obtained a home because of a family inheritance. There has recently been a loss of excellent pastors from church ministry due to their fear of being homeless upon retirement.

The Project

After the revolving fund and criteria are established, pastors and lay workers will apply for loans. They must demonstrate the ability to make the repayments. Once a loan is given, we will monitor monthly repayments of the loans received and will maintain relationship with the pastors to encourage them and ensure they stay in the ministry.

Expected Outcomes

Short Range: Workers will be selected to receive a no-interest loan from the revolving fund.

Mid-Range: Loan recipients will be able to purchase a home.

Long Range: Pastors will be able to continue their ministry without fear of homelessness.

Impact: There will be more pastors to lead more churches and effective ministries.