Project Purpose

To respond to human trafficking and prostitution in and around one of India’s largest cities.

The Situation

Thousands of women and children in one of India’s largest cities are trapped in red light areas, often in literal physical slavery but also in spiritual and emotional bondage. Similarly, those who enslave them and those who feed the demand for prostitution and pornography (which in turn fuels trafficking) are in bondage. Though a number of excellent initiatives have begun in other cities in India, very little is being done by churches or Christian NGOs in one of India’s largest cities. It is time for the Church to face the reality of trafficking and prostitution here, and to minister to those affected. This project aims to stimulate multiple responses by believers.

The Project

Serves with Christ’s love IN red light areas: A health center in a red light area has opened. Income generation alternatives are offered.

Gets slaves OUT: We are working on getting a Christian rescue agency to locate in one of India’s largest cities. We are also building relationships with brothel mothers who want to send their children to live in existing shelter homes.

Sees Christ TRANSFORM: We have set up a licensed after-care home to receive rescued trafficked minors. We have trained caregivers in trauma counseling and in prayer counseling methods.

MOBILIZE believers: We have created a 5 minute DVD to show in local churches across the city and we have been holding periodic citywide prayer meetings focused on trafficking. We hold anti-trafficking and prostitution seminars in churches and schools.

PREVENTs future trafficking of children: We will develop and distribute awareness tools (such as flip books of pictures, with suggested teaching notes in Hindi and English on the reverse) for use in village and slum projects.

Expected Outcomes

Care and provide support for young girls rescued from brothels

Strengthen multiple responses to human trafficking and prostitution

Prevent future children from being trafficked