Project Purpose

To design, rebuild and resource the ELWA (Eternal Love Winning Africa) Ministries radio studios and offices for broadcasts. The new building will be constructed on the foundations of the old structure.

The Situation

Thirty-eight percent of Liberia’s population is Christian, but there is a real need for good biblical teaching. There is also a large percentage of the population that follows animist beliefs, as well as Islam.

ELWA Radio started broadcasting in 1954 and has developed an excellent reputation for good Christian radio broadcasting. ELWA Radio has been operating out of a garage, broadcasting FM and shortwave radio frequency programs (shortwave radio reaches those in rural areas who do not have internet connections). The garage studio was burnt down in November 2011. They are now using a temporary studio in the transmitter building, which did not burn down in the fire.

The Project

A replacement studio will enable the broadcasting team to continue their excellent programming and improve local language broadcasting through additional studio space.

Expected Outcomes

Short Range: The new radio studio and offices will be constructed by 2014.

Mid-Range: Improved quality and diversity of the radio programs will reach a wider audience.

Long Range: Non-believers will be exposed to the gospel learn more about Jesus, while Christians will be nurtured in their faith.

Impact: Everyone in Liberia with a radio will have the opportunity to listen to Christian programs, deepen their spiritual growth, and be encouraged by the Scriptures.