Project Purpose

Evangel Discipleship Coaching Ministry (EDCM) seeks to see people transformed into the image of Christ through the gospel of grace, teaching people to be like Jesus, to live and serve like Him through the ministry of the local church.

The Situation

SIM-related Evangel churches have grown in the tens of thousands around the world with various kinds of formal and non-formal training programs. However, true disciples of Christ are declining, as many ministries do not focus on disciple-making strategies and churches struggle with nominalism, syncretism, false teaching and traditionalism. Evangel churches have expressed the desire to make discipleship their highest priority and are asking for coaching and assistance in developing contextual strategies in initiating these ministries.

The Project

Our team will develop training materials and tools that will be used in our biannual training courses. These courses will initially train 660 men and women who have a passion for making disciples. In our training courses, we will build a vision for the future, develop principles and methodologies for disciple-making, and contextualize a strategic plan. Our team will also take this ministry to new areas and promote the necessity of this model to local churches.

Expected Outcomes

Short Range: In 2013, the awareness of disciple-making as essential to the Great Commission will be raised across all Evangel churches.

Mid-Range: Churches will have contextual materials to use in their disciple-making ministries.

Long Range: Church and mission leaders in at least 20 countries will prioritize discipleship and will begin implementing strategies for sustainable disciple-making ministries.

Impact: Whole communities and nations will be transformed spiritually, socially and physically through EDCM.