Project Purpose

This project will remodel and repurpose the buildings on the current Bingham Academy campus.

The Situation

Ethiopia is thriving. Bingham Academy plays a key role in catering to the education needs of mission familes as well as in having a significant evangelcial outreach to international familes who are also part of the school community. Bingham Academy is the only mission school in Ethiopia providing an international Christian education for students in kindergarten through grade 12.

The Project

It is envisaged that all buildings, apart from the current gym and workshop area, will be replaced and, in most cases, the functions of the buildings repurposed. The current campus layout and size of buildings are not conducive to our growing enrollment rates.

Expected Outcomes

Short Range: We will hire an architect to start working on plans for the campus buildings. The construction for the high school will begin in September 2012,

Mid-Range: The entire campus will be remodeled by the end of 2015,

Long Range: Bingham Academy will be able to accept more students and staff once the construction is complete.

Impact: The school will be equipped for many years, and missionary families in the area will be able to rely on Bingham as a reputable, Christian school that provides high-quality Christian education in a modern-purpose-built facility.