Project Purpose

To place the Word of God in the homes of 100,000 Paraguayans in the form of a specially designed mp3 player. The recipients are oral learners who retain information much more readily by listening than by reading.

The Situation

There are virtually no Christian audio resources in the Guaraní language, so the need for audio Bibles in Paraguay is essential.

The Project

This initiative places audio Bibles on mp3 players in the homes of 100,000 Paraguayans. These specially designed mp3 players are made by a Christian-owned Chinese manufacturer called Global Connect. Research and development, field testing of two prototypes, and hardware/software development are complete. Denominational leaders, pastors, and other Christian organizations working in Paraguay have been asked to identify rural communities with the greatest spiritual needs. Then, they will be encouraged to adopt these communities and pray for the future distribution of audio Bibles in those areas. Churches will be invited to travel to the rural interior of Paraguay to participate directly in the distribution of the mp3 players.

Expected Outcomes

Short Range: We distributed the first batch of audio Bibles in early 2012. We will distribute the second batch of audio Bibles to over 1,500 recipients in the fall of 2012.

Mid-Range: Men in these communities will receive the audio Bibles, hear the Word of God for the first time, and be equipped to be the spiritual leaders of their households.

Long Range: Families and communities will commit their lives to Christ, while church leaders will “adopt” the new church communities.

Impact: Communities will change and the church will be strengthened and expand through the growth of new believers.